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Over the year people take for granted there caravan & Motorhome Electrics working perfectly. Unlike house electrics caravan electrics can get damp and as such problems can occur. With caravans also been mobile this is another factor to be considered. When caravans are left in storage your caravans electrical system can become damp especially over November and December. That's why it is strongly recommended an annual habitation check is taken place. We offer this service as well as many more as apart of our caravan and motorhome services. However, if your electrics have failed in your caravan or motorhome we are ready to help. We offer same day call outs as well as appointments to get your caravans electrics back on. We are fully mobile and can come to your home, caravan storage or even whilst you're on holiday on a campsite.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your holiday destination hooking your caravan electric up and finding out your electrical system has failed on your caravan or motorhome. Don't worry our dedicated team offer a 7 days a week call out service to get your caravans electrical issues fixed so your holiday can continue as planned! With same day, weekend and after-hours call outs available with us we truly are your one stop shop for all your caravan and motorhome electrical needs. We stock a massive range of electrical components including RCD's Fuseboxes and other electrical components that are essential for your caravan and motorhomes electrics and more importantly, your safety. If you are looking for a company that can fix your caravan or motorhome electrics we are ready to help you no matter where you are in Southport. We regularly come out to caravan parks in Southport to assist with electrical issues.

As part of our caravan and motorhome repairs, we take the servicing of your caravan seriously.

We are known as “outstanding”… not all repairers are the same, here are a few good reasons to use us…

  • Test Equipment - We have invested heavily on electrical testing and continuity testing analysis equipment, which means your electrical appliances such as fridges, water heaters, room heaters and electrical sockets are tested to the latest spec. and you get a report of the results.

  • RCD Load Test - Again we have invested in training and equipment, we actually isolate the vehicle, then load test the mains system, to confirm the safety devices cut in within the specified time and given loads.

  • Electrical Repairs - We offer everything from simple repairs to extra plug installations to complete rewires. No matter what your issue is we can help.

Caravan Electrical System Services In Southport

  • 12N, 12S or 13 pin plugs & cables-check condition & test
  • Road lights & reflectors-check condition & operation
  • Battery (if fitted)-check condition of battery & compartment & record idle voltage
  • Battery (if fitted)-check & top up level if required & perform high discharge test
  • Check battery charge rate from 12s/13 pin plug
  • Fridge-check operation from 12s/13 pin plug
  • Interior lighting & equipment-check operation & fuse rating
  • Awning light-check operation
  • Wiring earths-check for defects on all ELV circuits (Visual)
  • LV inlet plug & extension lead-check condition & resistance across connection pins
  • Earth bonding-Visual Inspection
  • RCD unit-check operation of RCD test button & operation of MCB’s
  • 230v sockets-carry out plug top polarity test
  • Charger-check output charge rate at battery connections
  • Fridge-check operation of the fridge on 230v
  • Check electric hob operation (if Fitted)
  • Check operation of all other 230v appliances, fans & luminaries
  • Air conditioning (if fitted)-check operation (Weather Dependent)
  • Check that any additional items fitted are to the relevant standard

Our focus is to ensure you are safe and your caravan, motorhome or even camper is safe to use

For emergency call outs, appointments and advice call the team today on 07943185471. We are ready to help you carry on your holiday! Our caravan electrical repair services are fully mobile in Southport.

Mobile Motorhome And Caravan Electrical Repairs in Southport

Whilst we repair your caravan electrics in Southport why not visit Pleassureland Southport, The Famous Victorian Pier, Frankie & Bennies, Nandos, Dunes Splash World, Lord Street which is filled with great shops, bars and clubs. or why not visit the model railway which is located near the front. You can visit any of these attractions whilst we repair your caravans electrical system.

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