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Fastlane Autocare cover the whole of the North West

All of our diagnostic and software equipment is dealer level and is continually updated. This ensures that we are able to offer the exact same diagnostic services as the main dealers. However, as we are a fully mobile service using the exact same equipment, the only difference between us and the main dealer is the price!

Let Fastlane Autocare's ATA-trained technicians quickly identify the problem and stop costly knock-on effects such as larger-scale component failures.

We Offer Vehicle Diagnostics On The Following Vehicles

  • Cars
  • Commercial
  • Light Commercial
  • Special Vehicles
  • Truck
  • Trike
  • Quad Bikes
  • ATV
  • Motorbike
  • Lawnmower
  • Tractor
  • Boats
  • Canal Boats
  • Jet Ski's
  • 4X4

We have a range of computer diagnostic systems covering all vehicles. Our diagnostic test equipment is the very latest up to date equipment, so you can rest assured your vehicle is in the very best hands. Our high-level technical training means we can make sense fault codes and advise on any necessary repairs that may or may not need doing.

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Fastlane Autocare provide ECU diagnostics, Gear Box Diagnostics, service as well as Abs, Air Bag, Mileage correction, Air suspension, Remapping, as well as Live Data, DPF Removal & Much more

We hold every piece of dealer-level computer software equipment and remapping software at our disposal ready to assist you as and when you need.

You will not find a better ECU and fault finding diagnostic service in the North West or the surrounding areas, all at your door step.

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We use state-of-the-art technology and innovative products to diagnose issues with your car, van or truck. Put your trust in Fastlane Autocare.

What we can do for you:

  • Fault find
  • Component testing
  • Instrument cluster testing
  • Code injectors
  • Code fuel pumps
  • Clear engine management light
  • Clear air bag light
  • Diagnose air bag faults
  • Clear ABS light
  • CAN-Bus system
  • Fault find glow plug heater issues
  • Fault find air suspension issues
  • Assess the running of your engine
  • Ensure economic performance
  • Live data
  • Gear box diagnostics
  • Gear box ECU diagnostic
  • Automatic gear box diagnostic
  • ABS issues
  • DPF removal
  • Diagnose engine management issues
  • Mercedes-Benz specialists

What Equipment have we got and how accurate is it?

Our vehicle diagnostic equipment is as accurate as it comes, we ensure that our equipment is updated on a weekly basis ensuring our equipment will get to the bottom of your vehicle's issues quickly and efficiently. We carry every piece of main dealer equipment and have many different types of diagnostic computers specific to your type of vehicle. Our equipment is exactly the same as main dealers' equipment; the only difference is we are up to 50% cheaper than main dealers!

  • Delphi interface equipment and software
  • Star diagnostic equipment
  • Snap on diagnostic tools
  • Tech 2 diagnostic equipment
  • Saab Diagnostic equipment
  • Smart Car diagnostic equipment
  • Launch
  • Vag Com
  • OBD2 generic equipment
  • Xentry diagnostic equipment
  • Mercedes diagnostic equipment
  • Vpecker diagnostic equipment
  • V gate diagnostic equipment
  • KWP 2000
  • Mileage correction
  • Remapping equipment

Here is some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is 'car diagnostics'?

All modern cars contain ECU computers, This is the brain of the car that monitors and controls essential systems that make your vehicle run such as:

  • Emissions levels
  • Engine temperature
  • Throttle control
  • Air intake
  • Even windscreen wipers on some vehicles

When things go wrong the E-C-U or the car's computer produces an error code or error codes. One code may be a knock-on effect of another code which essentially means one part is failing or working incorrectly due to another part failing. These codes can only be read with vehicle diagnostics equipment. When this happens, you will see a warning light on your dashboard and in some cases, these only give a small part of the full picture.

Our latest car diagnostic check picks up these error codes and identifies what they mean so we know straight away the best solution and the most cost-effective way to solve your vehicle's issues. Component failures can be prevented before they lead to further damage or expensive repairs The sooner you catch it the better for you...

Q. Where can I get diagnostic tests on my car?

You don't have to go to the main dealer to find why your car's check engine light is on. We can carry out diagnostic testing at your home, workplace or even at the roadside. We can diagnose issues with:

  • ABS
  • Airbags
  • DPF exhaust systems
  • Engine systems
  • Cam-bus systems
  • Nonstarting fault
  • Injector testing
  • Glow plug light issues

We also have almost all makes and models of car parts on the shelf. This means we can offer you an in-house repair service all at your front door... The only thing you need to do is call us on 07943185471. Leave the rest to us!

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

The cost of our car diagnostic test is fixed - you also get up to 40 minutes of labour with your quoted diagnostic price. If we can fix the issue within 40 minutes, you do not pay any more than the quoted price. If we discover problems with your engine or other components and you need a new part, then we will give you a fixed no-obligation quote to fix the issue.

Q. What areas do we cover ?

We have branches all over the North West area, and each of our branches is equipped to deal with any diagnosis inspection and repairs you may need from diagnosing your vehicle's fault. Whether your vehicle is a car, van, HGV, trailer, plant machinery or catering trailer, one of our branches is ready to help! We have branches in Stockport, Congleton, Trafford, Manchester, Liverpool, Southport, Runcorn, Atherton, Wirral, Chester, Lymm, Cheshire, Radcliffe, Helsby, Leyland, Oldham, Queensferry, Skelmersdale, Swinton, Trafford, Walkden, Deeside, Denton, Hale, Chorley, Bury, Bolton, Warrington, Wigan, Widnes. With our fully mobile 24/7 team of vehicle technicians; we can cover any location in the whole of the North West area.

So if you see lights on the dash give us a call direct on 07943185471

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