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At Fastlane Autocare we have been dealing with ATVs, quads, road vehicles, special vehicles and jet ski repairs for many years now. We take pride in offering our customers a fast and efficient repair service. We are also able to fault find as we hold specialist equipment and electrical component testing equipment, even down to injector testing equipment. This means that we can fault find on any Jet ski at your home or storage facility fast and efficiently; getting you back on the waves in no time!

Jet Ski Repairs North West

Regardless of whether you require maintenance service, repair work, or have to take your jet-ski out for the day and it's failed to start we can help you. We have a fleet of mobile workshops equipped to deal with not only general maintenance but also repairs at the waterside.

With any jet ski, regular maintenance is a must!

Your jet ski ensures high speeds and harsh elements every time you take it out. Regardless of whether it is subjected to the salt water sea conditions or even lake conditions, maintaining the body and engine is essential. Although they are designed and built for the water, over time any lack of full care will cost you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in repairs. There is also the unfortunate possibility of getting stranded out on the water. Regular servicing is the most cost-effective way of ensuring you'll be enjoying your watercraft for years to come and an excellent way to get the highest resale value for your jet ski.

We maintain, service and repair any brand of ski 2-stroke or 4-stroke, naturally aspirated or supercharged, stand-up or sit-down jet ski. We've been running and maintaining skis for many years.

Here are just some of the makes and models we regularly deal with:

  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Waverunner
  • Polaris
  • Seadoo
  • Honda
  • Watercraft

Here is just some of the jobs we regularly undertake:

  • 4 Stroke engine equipped ski service
  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Rubber mounts inspection
  • Inspection and cleaning of exhaust system
  • Lubrication/corrosion protection
  • Cooling system, hoses and fasteners inspection
  • Coolant inspection
  • Throttle cable inspection
  • Throttle body inspection and lubrication
  • Fuel line replacement
  • Fuel cap, filler neck, fuel tank, fuel lines and connections inspection
  • Fuel system leak test
  • Injector replacement
  • Fuel tank straps inspection
  • Air intake silencer inspection
  • Intercooler pipework replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Electrical connections and rewiring (ignition, injectors, starting system etc)
  • Digitally Encoded Security System (DESS)
  • Beeper monitoring
  • Battery and fasteners replacement
  • Diagnostics
  • Engine management system sensors
  • Engine management fault code logs
  • Steering cable and connections
  • Steering nozzle bushings
  • Power Assisted steering (OPAS)
  • Driveshaft inspection and lubrication
  • Carbon ring and rubber boot
  • Reverse system, cables, and connections
  • Variable Trim System (VTS)
  • Driveshaft/impeller splines lubrication
  • Impeller boot
  • Impeller shaft seal, sleeve, and O-ring
  • Impeller and wear ring clearance
  • Inspect sacrificial anode
  • Ride plate and water intake grate
  • Inspect drain plugs (inside bilge), checking for obstructions
  • Hull inspection
  • Ski wake-board post and fasteners inspection
  • 2 Stroke Engines
  • Corrosion protection
  • Hull repair

Jet Skis used in salt water should be thoroughly flushed, washed and serviced more frequently.

Winterising is available with us as well as de-winterising.

If you don't plan on using your ski over the winter it's important to winterize it to protect it while it's in storage, especially if the Jetski will be kept outdoors, where temperatures drop below freezing.

Jet Ski Mechanics North West

Some things you can do yourself:

  • Keep your eye on corrosion levels, however, this will not be necessary with our corrosion protection treatment
  • Check the condition of the battery and charge it up, when required
  • Inspect fuel lines and add fuel stabiliser
  • Lubricate throttle body
  • Spray storage oil into engine
  • Grease all points
  • Flush the jetski's engine and add antifreeze where required


If the worst should happen to your jet ski, rest assured that Fastlane Autocare is ready to help. Our fully mobile workshops and trained technicians can handle anything from a minor problem to a complete engine rebuild. We use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to analyse and diagnose any potential faults quickly and efficiently and carry out 90% of repairs at the waterside.

We have branches all over the North West area. Each branch is equipped to deal with any jet ski servicing and repair work you may need. We have branches in Stockport, Congleton, Trafford, Manchester, Liverpool, Southport, Runcorn, Atherton, Wirral, Chester, Lymm, Cheshire, Radcliffe, Helsby, Leyland, Oldham, Queensferry, Skelmersdale, Swinton, Trafford, Walkden, Deeside, Denton, Hale, Chorley, Bury, Bolton, Warrington, Wigan, Liverpool, Wirral and Widnes. Also, with our fully equipped mobile workshops, we are confident that we can cover any location in the whole of the North West area!

For all of your jet ski needs, call us direct on 07943185471

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