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Blown a fuse in Hindley?

Don't hesitate to contact a member of the Fastlane Autocare team to assist you with your vehicle's problem.

About Fastlane Autocare:

Fastlane Autocare is an established, locally owned auto-electrical specialist company covering the whole of Wigan. We have over ten years' experience of dealing with vehicle electrics. Along with the extensive range of diagnostic equipment we hold and use, we are confident that we can solve any electrical issue or fault. We guarantee a fast and effective, professional and reliable service to get your vehicle safe and running again!

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Whether your vehicle is a car, van, motorbike or even a trailer or HGV, it is necessary to be aware of the complex systems of electrical wiring, fuses and resistors that can fail at any time! Often many auto electrical faults are caused by minor issues that can be fixed immediately, however, it is important that these are investigated thoroughly to ensure complete safety and effective repair of your vehicle.

Should you have an issue with your lights, a starting issue or even if your radio won't come on, why not let Fastlane Autocare solve the problem!

Fastlane Autocare is a fast and efficient to your vehicle's problems!

Here at Fastlane Autocare, we have a dedicated team who specialise in auto electrics and we pride ourselves on the service we provide!

You can be assured that we will quickly find and diagnose the issue/s with your vehicle and tell you immediately the way forward to fix it. We carry a large stock of resistors, connectors and wiring as well as flasher units, bulbs and other necessary vehicle components. This enables a fast and successful fix to your vehicle! If there happens to be a specific component needed, we are able to order this due to our established supplier and trade links. Any component that isn't carried on one of the Fastlane Autocare vans can be ordered in for the very next day!

You won't have to worry about a thing when you use Fastlane Autocare.

We make everything so simple - from our online inquiry system, to our professional and friendly customer service, everything is done to make our Hindley auto electrical services as seamless as possible. From the moment you choose Fastlane Autocare to assist with your vehicle's needs, we are able to offer an email confirmation and an arrival time of your mechanic, as well as copies of vehicle reports (paper or electronic versions) and of course a practical solution to get your vehicle road ready!

What we can do for you:

  • All aspects of wiring
  • Indicator issues
  • Horn issues
  • ECU issues
  • Tow Bar electrics
  • Caravan electrics
  • Trailer electrics
  • MOT work
  • Resistors
  • Lighting
  • Sat Nav installations
  • Trailer rewiring
  • Caravan rewiring
  • Radio coding
  • Engine wiring
  • Wiring tests
  • Wiring short test
  • Battery and power consumption tests
  • Component tests
  • Can-bus systems
  • Tow bar rewiring

You won't have to worry about a thing when you use Fastlane Autocare!

If we have to take your car to our Hindley based workshop for an extensive but rapid repair using fixed equipment, why not visit one of Bolton's famous attractions or points of interest while we repair your vehicle?

###For all of your vehicle's needs, call a member of the Fastlane Autocare team today directly on: 07943185471.

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