Fastlane Autocare October Tyre Safty Month

Date: 28 Sep 2019

October is Tyre Safety Month and Fastlane Autocare is once again supporting TyreSafe, We offer a range of Mobile Tyre Fitting Services and as such we support the UK’s tyre safety charity, by reminding drivers of the importance of frequent tyre pressure checks to improve road safety, reduce motoring costs and be kinder to the environment. This year, TyreSafe is asking motorists to check whether they are having a “good or bad air day” in order to raise awareness on the importance of regular tyre maintenance and the dangers of under inflated tyres.

You might not think much of it if your tyres are not inflated to the correct PSI as specified in your vehicle handbook. But under inflated tyres can be a real danger to you and other road users. They increase your braking distance as the tyre contact patch is not fully connecting with the road and they affect your road handling making it more difficult to corner. But safety isn’t the only issue. If your tyres are under inflated you might feel the pinch in your pocket too as under-inflated tyres consume more fuel meaning you’ll need to refuel more often and your tyres will wear faster than usual and need replacing much sooner.

TyreSafe has found that over half (56.8%) of car tyres on UK roads are at least 4 PSI below their recommended pressure and that an estimated £600m is wasted on excess fuel as a result of driving with under-inflated tyres.

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