New Year’s Day Tyre Fitting

Date: 23 Dec 2018

A customer woke up on New Years day to find he had a flat tyre.

It was new years day and every tyre fitting shop and tyre Bay was closed! Even most mobile tyre fitting companies was closed! Our customer attempted to change his spare Wheel himself knowing he had another wheel in the boot. He Soon realised the locking wheel nuts were badly damaged not only that his spare tyre was flat and bald. After going online and looking for a mobile tyre fitting company that was open on New Year’s Day he stumbled across Fastlane Autocare. He asked, do you do same day call outs? To which we replied yes he said I don’t suppose you can get to me today can you? To which we replied yes we are on call today!

When we arrived at the customers house not only had he made the locking wheel nut harder to remove. After a while we had removed all four nuts to the relief of the customer who was trying to get to his family.

If you need a call out for a new tyre this New Years our dedicated team are here as always and ready to help you! Call us today on 07943185471 We cover the whole of the North West area

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